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To give well-being with FOOD!

Well-being created by promoting quality, traceable, transparent, sustainable food chains and proposing recipes inspired by the millennial principles of Macrobiotics, the philosophy of the “Great Life”.

In order to offer Healthy Food, Salvia coordinates the entire supply chain and the companies involved in making the products, in order to ensure the highest quality.

By controlling every stage of production and processing, it is possible to ensure full product traceability and certify their origin, so as to more accurately inform the buyer throughout the supply chain and increase their awareness of nutrition and environmental sustainability issues: The Transparent Label on each product is in fact its Identity Card which contains all the information relating to the environment, the methods of cultivation and all the stages of processing the product.

Working together with their Customers, Salvia is promoting the opening of shops in the major Italian cities. If you are interested you can contact us

Quality food gives well-being and ... health!

Salvia considers quality controls one of the most touchy and important aspects of its philosophy. It is thanks to these checks, extended to the entire supply chain and carried out on a sample basis, that we can guarantee to all our customers total transparency and the correctness of what is indicated on the Transparent Label.

Salvia checks all the phases of the production process, sampling the land, the goods contained in the storage warehouses, the seeds and the products. Specifically, we directly check the correctness of the data provided and the absence of synthetic chemicals in the various stages of production. We encourage farmers to fully adhere to the principles of polyculture.

Product sampling continues even after harvesting, when we check that hygiene and quality principles are respected during the processing and packaging phases, and that no synthetic chemicals are added.

Together to grow together

Salvia chooses farmers who are willing to use natural cultivation methods and artisans willing to process the raw materials
following recipes based on simplicity and according to principles of balance.

Percorso della tracciabilità Salvia

Salvia traceability route
Visit to the farm. Control and qualification of the company (fields and warehouses). Supply chain contract. Production and raw material checks. Visit to the processing company. Control and qualification of the laboratory. Checks on working processes and finished products.
For each product, detailed information on the processing and sample analysis are collected. This is followed by product qualification and organoleptic tests before marketing.

From the seed to the field, from the field to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the laboratory, from the laboratory to the distributor
from the distributor to the shop
from the distributor to the restaurant
from the shop to the house
from the restaurant to the table

with love and taste for life.

It is the ethics of the producer, transformer and distributor and the respect for the consumer that require transparent labelling

The Transparent Label is the tool that Salvia uses to provide consumers with transparent and correct information on all the processes that take place within the production and processing chain.

The information required by the current laws is supplemented by voluntary details relating to each step of the supply chain such as the origin of the seed, the origin of the raw materials and the description of the production and processing processes. It is the most complete label found at the international level.


It promotes transparency to customers
It facilitates control
It makes the consumer more aware of their choices
It educates producers to declare themselves for what they are: what they produce, how they produce it, where they source the raw materials, etc.

The food that is good for your health

The environment is life. We live from the environment and in the environment. Taking care of the environment means taking care of yourself; loving it is loving yourself.

In agriculture and processing we do not use synthetic chemicals; we do not use preservatives in food … only natural products!

We live because we breathe, we drink and we eat.
These three factors have an absolute value with regard to all Humanity

We have chosen macrobiotics as a reference diet because the application of ancient thousand-year-old theories provides an answer to the different physical, mental and cultural needs of the population
Salvia wants to be a company that grows with its customers and suppliers while respecting diversity.