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Those who work the Earth have a sacred task
(from preparation ... to harvesting)
in respect for everyone's life.

Polyculture is an environmentally friendly approach to cultivation, perfect for preventing and combating problems such as soil depletion, desertification, waste of water resources, deforestation and the reduction of biodiversity in agriculture.

Polyculture aims to produce genuine and healthy products in full respect of the environment, ideal for those who want to follow a healthy diet. Instead of buying new seeds every year, the seeds of the plants harvested from previous crops are preferably used; at the same time the rotation and the seasonality of crops is to be respected and the use of synthetic chemicals avoided.

Farmers who want to join our project are encouraged to practice polyculture which also guarantees economic sustainability linked to improvements in the environment, soil fertility, production, processing and health.

The supply chain contracts offered have been designed to fully protect the farmer, preferably with two price ranges, from a minimum to a maximum. The minimum price guarantees the same profit as traditional production while the maximum price is recognised in the event of minimum production. In other cases, the price remains contained within the two values and is linked only to production with no connection to processing.

Those who cook have the ethical and moral responsibility to prepare food
that give well-being to those who eat it.

Simple methods and few but essential ingredients to provide a unique, balanced and healthy taste in perfect line and harmony with nature. These are the basic concepts of Salvia products, scrupulously controlled at every stage of the supply chain, from sowing to the production of raw materials, to the preparation of food and its packaging.

The products are made with simple recipes using only natural ingredients that are processed by craftsmen. Salvia uses fresh, quality raw materials, thus allowing everyone to rediscover the taste of healthy, wholesome foods.

The freshness of a product and the quality of its ingredients are not the only elements that contribute to the final taste. It is precisely for this reason that Salvia pays the utmost care to the packaging of its products, which are stored in a controlled temperature environment and then packed in ATMs. Cereals, legumes and oil seeds are treated with CO2 before being packaged.

All the stages of the process are followed to ensure the end consumer finds all the organoleptic qualities in our products that result in the best taste experience.

From the field to your table ...

Salvia products can be found in specialised shops, in retail and horeca circuits, in selected mini-markets and you can also order them and receive them at home.

All Salvia products are characterised by the presence of the Transparent Label, which tells the life story of the product, from its origin to your table.

Salvia is a member of the MePA (Electronic Market of the Public Administration)

You are the most important person in our project to improve the environment, agriculture and well-being ... thank you!